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Green Decorating Tips for Your New Home

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 by Red Door Homes

You’ve probably heard that “green” is the new neutral—and who doesn’t want to be environmentally responsible? Here are some great tips for eco-friendly decorating in your new home in Aiken, SC:

Repurpose what you have. Instead of throwing out things you aren’t using, figure out a new way to use them. For example, can the plates from mismatched dinnerware sets be used as serving trays or a catch-all for jewelry and keys? Caution: don’t clutter up your storage space with things you might use “sometime”—if you’re not using something and don’t expect to, the “green” thing to do is donate or sell it so someone else can put it to use.

Use glass food containers. When heated, plastic containers can break down and leach chemicals into food. Reusable, durable lidded glass ones are not only attractive, but safer for your family and the planet. New glass containers are affordable—or you can save the large jars from the products you buy regularly and reuse them. They’re great to store/display grains, beans and dried goods on your kitchen counter or for supplies in the bathroom.  

• Make carpet coasters. Ask the crew installing the carpet in your new home in Aiken, SC to leave the scraps behind, then cut them into fuzzy coasters to protect your furniture from dripping glasses. If the coasters get dirty, just wash them in the sink and let them air dry.

• Shop new, buy used. Even if you don’t care for vintage, you can save big and be kind to the planet when you buy secondhand furnishings. Browse your favorite retailers, note the name and color of what you like, then search sites like Craigslist and eBay to find gently used in-season versions for your new home in Aiken, SC. If you like vintage, have fun scouring the secondhand and antique shops for bargains.

• Check out a rebuild center. Reclaimed building materials can be bought for pennies on the dollar compared to new. Be creative—use an old window as a wall hanging or old doorknobs as wall-mounted hangers. Many rebuild centers are operated by charities, so you are helping others even as you practice green decorating.

• Landscape with native plants. Local vegetation and climate-appropriate species require less water and overall care, and will last longer.