Our Building Process

1. Contact Our Local Office

When everything you see on our website seems just too good to be true, do yourself a favor and get in touch with our local Red Door Office. We have specialist ready to answer your questions.

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2. Pick a plan & Personalize it

Pick one of over 30 floor plans and then choose between the available elevations for that home. All you have to do now is decide what features you want to add or upgrade in your home to customize it to your wants, needs and desires.

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3. Find Land

If you do not have land, we can help you find land in your desired area. If you have land we offer a FREE Lot Evaluation to confirm the plan you have chosen will work on your lot and also gather information regarding your lot to assist in creating your cost estimate.

Find Land image

4. Create a Cost Estimate

Ask your Salesperson for a FREE Cost Estimate for the home of your dreams. Once you are aware of all of the cost involved in building a new home you can possibly upgrade your home choice or find it necessary to adjust your wants and needs a little to work within your budget.

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5. Secure Financing

Red Door Homes works with many mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions as well as Farm Credit. The loan you will need to get depends on the property you have, or are purchasing, and your individual needs. We will be happy to match you up with the perfect solution to your financing needs.

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6. Construction Loan closing

Once financing is secured your construction loan will close. This event puts the Pre-Construction of your home into motion. Plans become more finalized, permits begin to be processed and purchase orders and fine-tuned for your home.

Construction Loan Closing image

7. Pre-construction meeting

You will meet with someone in our Production Department who will show you your plans which have been designed around your specific requests. This plan is unique to you and reflects the items that you chose when you completed your Purchase Agreement. The plans will be explained to you in detail so that you understand them. All of your questions will be answered, and you will even get answers to questions that you didn't even think to ask. There are no stupid questions. We believe you should be well informed through the entire process.

Pre-construction meeting image

8. Begin construction

Watch your home be built by Red Door Homes. This is a 90 to a 120 process from start to finish depending on the home that you selected and the extent of its finishes.

begin construction image

9. New Home Walkthrough

Once your home is complete and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the inspection office, Red Door Homes completes a thorough Quality Control Checklist and finishes the home 100% for presentation to its owners. The New Home Demonstration is schedule four to five business days prior to move-in. At this time we have an opportunity to introduce you to the features of your home, show you how they operate and also check the home to make sure it meets your expectation. If any items are left to be addressed they are completed over the next few days and then you move into a home that is 100% complete.

new home walkthrough image

10. Move In!

This is the fun part, but not necessarily the easiest part. Once your home has been completed to the satisfaction of Red Door and you're the Homeowner, you move in your belongings and start living the life you imagined in your new home.

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Where We Build

Red Door Homes is currently building in Long Island-NY, North & South Carolina, East TN, Bismark ND, Huntsville AL, Western Maryland, Harrisburg/York PA, Northwest Indiana, Conroe, TX and North Central FL. Our national network of home builders works in popular counties across the country to find the right area for your new home.